Friday, July 27, 2012

Words to Live By

As I took a break from cleaning out my supervisor’s email inbox to peruse the List this morning, I realized that a great many pearls of wisdom can be found there. Though I can’t say for certain that I remember exactly who each of the contributors were, I can tell you that I’ve taken of these tenets to heart and live by them every day.

#1791: You shouldn't sneak up on people—you might give them a heany

#1891: Sweat glands are 'in'

#2183:   Keep your science tight 


#2110: If you can hear it, you can feel it 


#2349: You can't say “I fart it from the bottom of my fart" 

#2440: If you've got those spackles on your privates, you're in trouble

 #2779: Werewolves are big masturbators

#2797: Tuesday is NOT ‘Tattoos-day’


#2812: Beards grow while you work



#3028: It's hard to flirt and use power tools at the same time