Friday, March 18, 2011

introducing, the king of cartoooooooooons!

the year was 1994.

my cousin beth and i bonded while we thrifted for checkered polyester grandpa pants and dyed our hair green with food coloring. we ransacked the library's new selection of alternative rock cassettes and begged our parents to buy us fender stratocasters, even though neither of us had ever played a guitar in our whole life. it was a glorious time to be 12 years old.

while coming of age and discovering ourselves, we also discovered that we were the same person: erinandbeth. for the next decade+, we were inseparable. we got through life with a shared sense of humor and appreciation for laughter, sometimes at the most inappropriate of times. in 1994, we started keeping a list of everything we thought was funny: quotes, stories, people, EVERYTHING. over the years the list grew and grew, until it reached legendary proportions. it probably helped that everyone close to us knew that the list existed, but no one was ever allowed to see it except the two of us. and so it has stayed that way through the years, even though the list hasn't been updated since 2007. we felt like it was finally time to share our pride and joy with everyone else -- hell, we've probably been laughing at you all along, we might as well let you in on the joke!

we hope you enjoy these stories based on THE LIST as much as we do.




  1. This is awesome. RSS feed reader at the ready.

  2. thanks! we have so much in store >:)