Monday, April 4, 2011

the list #159

here is a little family history lesson to keep you in the know.

my mom and beth's dad are brother and sister. my mom was the big sister.


beth and i were born less than a year apart. because our families have always been pretty close, we spent a lot of time together as kids. we had our first pajama parties together, where we watched reruns of "the monkees" and my mom helped us make our own lasagna.


one time beth was over our house and i was telling her about the movie i had just seen called "pinocchio." there was a particular scene that struck me as very funny where jiminy cricket is warming himself by the fire. when i was little and saw this movie, i mistakenly thought that he had no pants on because as you can plainly see, his pants match the color of his face exactly:


this is a confusing thing for a 4-year-old. still, it was funny, so i reenacted the scene for beth by pulling down my pants and rubbing my butt like he does to warm himself up in the movie.

in a prime example of extremely bad timing, my mom walked in the room and saw me not just mooning my cousin but rubbing my naked butt at her. i can only imagine the horror she must have felt. beth was either giggling, or covering her mouth in disbelief. i was sent to the corner as punishment.

years later, beth and i would tell the story to my mom and it turns out that she had no idea what i was doing (how could she?!) but it made for an even better story when she finally knew the truth. i guess mom was right when she said, "you guys are obsessed with body parts and you always have been!" (list # 2504)

for the record, here is the clip (at 4:00) that up until today i wasn't sure if i completely imagined. my 4-year-old self feels completely triumphant.


  1. haha i don't think i ever noticed that his pants were the same color as his face!

    p.s. #2504 is one of my favorite entries

  2. see, i wasn't JUST obsessed with body parts! it looks like his skin!

  3. Well at least you didn't just scream at Peanut for no reason... And then later claim you were acting weird because of the surprise party. And at least your present for the surprise party wasn't something your parents already owned. And at least you didn't wrap it up in toilet paper while the wind was blowing.