Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#600, #664, #854, #948, #962: Mondegreens Part 2

#600: 'Circle Sky' by the Monkees
Misheard lyric (Beth): "Yes it looks like we've mated once again!"
Actual lyric: "Yes it looks like we've made it once again!"

#664: 'Say It Ain't So' by Weezer
Misheard lyric (Erin): "...wrestle with Jiminy!"
Actual lyric: "...wrestle with Jimmy!"

#854: 'Testosterone' by Bush (aka Bush X haha)
Misheard lyric (Andrew): "I am a horse! I am a horse!"
Actual lyric: "I am a whore! I am a whore!"

#948: 'Dedicated Friend' by Mike Nesmith & the First National Band
Misheard lyric (Beth and Erin): "Has anybody here seen CHEESE!?"
Actual lyric: "Has anybody here seen Jesus?"

#962: 'Zilch' by the Monkees
Misheard lyric (Andrew): "Mr. Thumbelina, Mr. Bob Thumbelina"
Actual lyric: "Mr. Dobbolina, Mr. Bob Dobbolina"

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