Monday, March 21, 2011

#1102,#1976,#1978-1980,and #3049: Telephone

One of the most entertaining pastimes for us is to play Telephone. This is because nearly everyone in our family has a really big problem understanding anything that anyone says. I haven't heard of any scientific studies that could prove a genetic connection, but I kind of think there must be.

If you've somehow never played Telephone, here's the gist of it: several people (at least 4) sit in a circle. One person comes up with a 'message' and whispers it to the person next to them. That person whispers it to the person next to THEM, and so on. Once it comes to the last person, they have to say what they believe they heard--very different, in most cases, from the original message.

The following are some of the Telephone messages that were classic enough to make the List (along with the original message when available):

#1102: "Rob Nelson resigned!" (original message: "Roy Orbison's blind.")

#1976: "One, two, three, four...get your niece up on the cot!"

#1978: "Gratuitous sex for better grades!"

#1979: "Schooper dooper doo, it's not a species too!"

#1980: This entry does not refer to a particular message--rather, it addresses the hilarity that a well-placed snort can lend to the game. Trust me.

#3049: "(chewing noise)...Blackbeard the pirate needs a haircut!"

I don't know if you noticed, but for some reason everything always ends up coming out as an exclamation. I think there's a comedic law stating that everything is funnier with an exclamation point...if there isn't, there should be. Kind of reminds me of this...

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